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Now days there are a lot of very useful web applications, which we use on a daily basis (eg. Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and a bunch of others). But for accessing these services, we need to open web browser, type in address (or click on favorites and chose the right link). And the feeling is not the same as true client application, although we must admit, that with AJAX all those web application become really user friendly. So why not to create a web browser wrapper to give a user feeling of having that fat-client. And that exactly what this project is about.


Are you interested? Just post a comment here and i will contact you shortly. If I don't contact you (maybe I have missed the post or I'm on vacation :)), feel free to contact email me via this web form on my blog.


Just to get a feeling, what it's all about, there's a screenshot.

Facebook example

More info

Feel free to drop by at my blog:
And as mentioned before, you can send me email via this web form on my blog.

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